Automated UI testing for Remote Teams!

Test locally. Share globally.

Working remotely?

Share automated tests with your team using a browser-based GUI.

Report and reproduce bugs with a single click.

Combines the best of local and Cloud-based testing tools.

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User friendly control panel directly in your browser!

Hover to explore the different Boozang panel functions.

Creates a folder in the test tree. Helps to keep your tests sorted
  Creates a new test. This creates an empty test which unlocks all test actions
Records actions into the tests by registering browser events
Runs the test from start to finish
Runs the test one step at a time
  Stops the current test run
Creates a selectable validation in the page
  Creates a comment text box in the page. Useful to point out bugs and discrepancies
Fills out form and enables binding into JSON data structures
Reloads test from the server. Local changes will be lost and lock removed
Saves to server database. Tests stays locked to user
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Boozang in Action

All In The Cloud

No install needed. Nothing gets installed on your computer like other test software. It’s all stored and maintained in the Cloud, always accessible to you via a simple login.

Global Teamwork

As everything can be replayed in the browser - no written instructions needed. Tests can be shared very quickly offering endless test collaboration possibilities with no language barriers

Cross Platform

Cross-platform and Cross-browser. Boozang works on browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE. It supports testing on iPad, iPhone or Android devices.

Bug Recorder GUI

No need to manually write the steps on how to reproduce a bug. With Boozang the test steps are recorded and shared with the development team in the Cloud. Developers and Testers can then re-play the test with the simple click of an URL.