About Boozang

Our Mission is to Make Testing Simple, for our Community of Developers and Testers across the world.

Web application testing done manually results in throwaway work.

Boozang is disrupting the industry by providing a Cloud-based, easy to use tool to automate testing that requires no install increasing productivity and enabling teamwork.

Our founders

Wensheng Li

is the inventor of Boozang. Bringing 20+ years of development experience Wensheng believes in bringing simple, web-based solutions to help average users with complicated problems. He has experience from a wide range of programming languages, but prefers working in full stack Java Script.

Mats Ljunggren

has 10+ years of experiences from working as Architect and Test lead in the Telecom business sector. Usually working close to customer driving requirements and acceptance testing, he believes that testing can and should be done in a better way, both for the sake of the testers, and the customers.

Boozang is also an Effective Giver and is donating 10 % of all license revenue to AGAINST MALARIA FOUNDATION. Learn more about Effective Giving on Giving What We Can