Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the frequently asked questions about the Boozang test service and how to get started creating automated tests on your website. Not finding what you are looking for? Email us at and let us know.

Does it cost anything?

Boozang is currently totally free and will remain this way for the foreseeable future. There will be a premium tier launched at the end of the year that will unlock more functionality for teams. The plan is to keep the free tier full-featured and useful, and not to limit the user experience for individual users in any way.

Can I collaborate with other people?

Boozang is built for collaboration. Simply access your project in management view at, pick the project, click Users > Add User. After typing in the email of the user, an email will be sent to the user where they will be invited to sign-up. After signing-up they will be able to access the project.

How can I do cross-browser testing?

It’s actually quite easy. Because Boozang is browser-agnostic, you can work creating tests in the browser of your choice. When doing cross-browser testing simple copy the URL into the browser you want to test, login and you can access and replay all the tests previously created.

Which browsers are supported?

It’s been tested working on all recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE. The only known browsers which is not working is Opera and IE 8.

Can I use it on my WordPress site?

Yes just copy the bz.html into the WordPress root directory and access it. Let’s say your site is just access and the tool will launch. If you don’t have access to your WordPress root ask your administrator to copy the bz.html to the root. Also, if you have blocked this access in your front-end server (Apache or nginx) make sure to enable this.

How do I get started testing my own website?

These are the steps to take in order to get started testing your own web-site

1. Sign-up up for free here
2. Verify your email address to finalize account setup
3. Access your account on
4. Click projects to manage your projects
5. Add new project
6. Download bz.html file
7. Copy bz.html to you project web-root ( of the project you want to test.
8. Access the bz.html in any browser (
9. Enter login credentials if not already logged in
10. Start testing your website using the Boozang tool

How can I try out the tool?

As soon as you Sign-up for the tool, you will be able to try out the tool on our test sites in the Cloud. Right now we have an Angular sample site which is a Fruit Store, but more test sites are coming soon.

Which platforms are supported?

We support applications written in any frame-work as long as it’s Java script based. So far we tested it using sites built in pure HTML, Angular JS, React, JQuery, WordPress and we keep testing it for new framework coming out. As the tool is completely written in Java-script and browser-based anything that renders in a browser should be supported by our tool.