Getting Started

Here you can find tutorial videos and tips on how to get started quickly. For a more complete guide you should check out our Functional Overview on GitHub. If you have any questions, please contact us at or just type your question directly in our new Customer Service chat in the corner of this page. We are always happy to hear from our customers!

Enabling Boozang test tool on your site
The Control Panel
Video Tutorials

Enabling Boozang test tool on your site

These are the steps to take in order to get started testing your own web-site:

1. Sign-up up for free here
2. Verify your email address to finalize account setup
3.. Access your account on
4. Click “projects” link in your main account screen
5. Add new project
6. Download bz.html file
7. Copy bz.html to you project web-root ( of the project you want to test.
8. Access the bz.html in any browser (
9. Enter login credentials if not already logged in
10. Start testing your website using the Boozang tool

The Control Panel

When launching Boozang a small control panel gets displayed to the users. From here the user can do most basic test operations, such as record and playback, annotation and validation.
Here is an explanation of the functions:

Create Folder: Creates a folder in the test tree to keep your tests sorted
Create Test: Creates a new test. This creates an empty test which unlocks all test actions
Record: Records actions into the tests by registering events in the browser. The events being registered can be set in Settings (in hamburger menu)
Play: Runs the test
Step: Runs the test one step at a time
Stop: Stops current test run
Validate: Creates a validation, or in test language, assertion in the page
Comment: Creates a comment text box in the page. Useful to point out bugs and discrepancies
Fill Form: Fills out form and enables binding into JSON data structures
Cancel/Unlock: Reloads test from server. Local changes will be lost and lock removed
Save: Saves to server database. In order to release lock follow with cancel

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials will be published on this page so keep checking back for updates.

Signing up to Boozang
Automating a simple test using Boozang record function
Using Boozang record function with validation
Reporting a bug with Boozang
Using Boozang data binding function