Flexible Pricing built to scale with your team

Our prices scale up from zero to $$$ as your team grows. We never charge you for inactive users.


Automate your UI testing fast and easy

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Full-featured free tier

Collaborate in teams up to 3 people

Single project

50 test cases

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Unlock more projects and test cases

25 USD monthly

Collaborate in teams up to 3 people

5 concurrent projects

1000 test cases total

CI Server Integration

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Enterprise Teams

Collaborate in teams

100 USD monthly per active user

Unlimited team size

20 concurrent projects

10000 test cases total

CI Server Integration

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Community Edition

Due to space concerns users in the free tier are limited to a maximum of 2 concurrent projects and maximum 50 test cases per project. In order to create more tests or projects, simply free up space by deleting old t ests or projects, or upgrade to a paid subscription. A maximum of two community subscribers can be collaborating on a given project.

License Type Monthly License Fee Max # of Projects Max # of Test Cases Max Team Size
Community Free 1 50 3 **
Premium 25 USD / month 5 1000 3 **
Team 100 USD / month PAU* 20 10000 Unlimited
Open Source Free 5 200 Varies

* Per Active User: An Active User is a user who has logged in to the platform within the billable month.

** Maximum 2 Community Users per project simultaneously. A third user joining will be required to sign-up for Premium.

Premium Edition

Unlock even more features, projects and test cases. Collaborate in teams up to five members. Share tests seamlessly.

Team Edition

This is our recommended offering for Enterprise teams. The Team edition give you access to a team management page where you can control team access policy. Our pricing is based on the team size and allows you to seamlessly scale up without having to purchase additional licenses. Also, you will only pay for active users on the platform. In the team management view you will be able to monitor when users was last active and disable in-active users to avoid incurring unnecessary license fees.

For a customized price quote for larger teams or to discuss on-premise installation contact us at sales and we'll get back to you.

Free Trial

You can use Boozang for free for 14 days for any team size just by signing-up on the homepage. We will contact you towards the end of the trial period and if you are happy with the product, you can directly upgrade your trial account with payment details for a seamless transition. No accounts will be disabled without being duly notified.

Open Source

Boozang is free to use for all Open Source projects. Just contact us at sales for a free license key. This includes access to CI server integration.